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Based on the extensive expertise we have gained in almost 170 years as a manufacturer of hammer drill bits, Heller offers professional users a range of products “Made in Germany” that fulfill the highest requirements. The innovative, patented carbide cutting edges are optimized for the toughest applications in concrete & stone, and even in reinforced concrete. An aggressive carbide profile ensures fast drilling progress. The helix, thanks to the special method used to manufacture the patented helix shapes, is characterized by smooth drilling and continuous as well as fast removal of the drilling dust. Through the use of the Heller blasting technique (HST), the drill bits are highly break-resistant. They can even withstand extreme stresses, for example when hitting a rebar. All Heller hammer drill bits are subject to a concentricity test at the end of the manufacturing process. This achieves greater precision of the hole in terms of its diameter and depth and ensures less vibration when using the drill bit.

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