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Heller Tools GmbH

About us


Heller premium tools for professionals

Heller is a world-renowned specialist for professional drilling. As an expert for the development, production and marketing of drill bits for any application, Heller is the preferred choice of professionals on building sites and throughout the industry. Our priority is to be leaders in technology and quality. We apply the most cutting-edge methods at our research centre and in production in Dinklage, Germany. Heller‘s roots go back to 1583 and we are proud of the various world innovations Heller has invented since. Today, we hold numerous patents and operate in more than 60 countries.

The product range

The Heller Tools product portfolio includes a wide selection of high quality solutions for professional users. The product range includes hammer drill bits, concrete & stone drill bits as well as diamond tools, wood drill bits, metal drill bits, universal & special drill bits, chisels, sabre- & jig saw blades, circular saw blades, multitools & bits.

Product promises

All Heller products are successful on the market because they resolve users‘ issues; they are efficient, durable, safe and reliable. Beyond this, all Heller products are also characterised by their and best-in-class price/performance ratio. Heller additionally offers ranges for particularly strict demands, extreme materials and long-term use, even in the most challenging environment. Heller focuses on innovations that are geared towards user demands and have, in many cases, been developed together with users as a result of new composite materials, critical materials, strong reinforcements in concrete, cutting-edge processes on building sites and changed user demands. For example, our innovative Trijet technology which sets new benchmarks in terms of service life and suitability for reinforcements. The new Duster Expert enables fast drilling without dust for particular levels of efficiency and occupational safety – demands that are particularly paramount for today‘s traders.

Heller Tools – Innovation since 1583

An excerpt from the history of the Heller Tools GmbH


In 1583 the drill maker Jacob Heller from Schmalkalden/Thüringen in Germany is mentioned for the first time in a chronicle on being given permission to produce drill tools.


In 1849 the industrial production of drill tools begins in the newly-built works in Schmalkalden.


In 1928 Heller becomes the first company in the world to manufacture tungsten carbide tipped drill bits in serial production.


In 1945 after the end of the Second World War the company relocates to Bremen and makes a fresh start there.


In 1976 the Gebrüder Heller Dinklage GmbH is founded in Dinklage, Germany.


2014 Heller with Serafin Group as new owner.


2014-2017 Investment offensive in the manufacturing facilities in Dinklage, worth 4 million Euros.


2019  Brand realignment "Premium Tools"

Product Milestones

Milestones of the Heller Tools product development


1928: Start of first industrial production of tungsten carbide concrete & masonry drill bits


1970: Introduction of the flexible Ratio system


1974: Co-development of the SDS-plus system


1980: Development of the “Air System” – the first innovative solution for dust-free drilling


1996: Development of the Y-Cutter SDS-plus drill bit


2000: Launch of the leading SDS-plus hammer drill bit Bionic


2010: Launch of the innovative Trijet SDS-plus hammer drill bit


2014: Introduction of the anti dust drill bit Duster Expert


2016: Launch of the multi cutter SDS-plus program


2018: Introduction of "Speed Blades" circular saw blades


2020: "Diamond Blades" Diamond cutting discs


Heller supports reforestation projects in Germany

Forest fires, droughts, floods and hurricanes: the consequences of climate change are visible all over the world and are becoming increasingly clear. Accordingly, the topic of sustainability is more relevant than ever before - also for Heller. To contribute to climate protection, we support the PLANT-MY-TREE organisation with tree donations. Trees not only serve as erosion protection and as a habitat for various animals and plants, but they also reduce the amount of CO2 in our air. That is why they are particularly valuable in counteracting climate change and bringing the ecosystem back into balance. The organisation PLANT-MY-TREE takes care of the reforestation of forests all over Germany. Our team planted the donated trees themselves and sowed the Tree of the Year, the copper beech, as well as many oaks.

More information about PLANT-MY-TREE and the reforestation projects:

The Serafin Group donates to humanitarian aid in Ukraine

Our shareholder, the Serafin Group, is deeply shocked by the current situation in Ukraine. The suffering for the civilian population due to the war is immense.

The company would like to contribute to the support of the Ukrainian population and has therefore decided to provide emergency aid. Serafin wants to support humanitarian aid on the ground with a donation of 500,000 euros and at the same time express solidarity with Ukraine.

The emergency aid will be used to support the civilian population in need. For this purpose, Serafin supports several organisations in providing donations in kind and in transporting aid to the region.

More information about the initiatives of Serafin:

Heller supports moorland protection with a moorland sponsorship

Moors make an important contribution to climate protection. They extract carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and store it in their peat soils. And although they only cover a small part of the land area, they bind twice as much CO2 as all the forests on earth put together. Moreover, moors are a habitat for numerous animal and plant species, many of which are very rare and endangered.

Unfortunately, 95% of the world's moorland have already been destroyed or drained, releasing CO2. This massively promotes global warming. In addition, all animal and plant species are losing their habitat and are thus threatened with extinction.

The WE WANT MOOR association is committed to protecting the moors on a voluntary basis and works with its members to educate the population about the problem. With a donation or a sponsorship, you can contribute to the active implementation of projects for environmental and climate protection. In several steps, the moorland is then renaturalised and thus regenerated through appropriate irrigation processes.

Heller has decided to support the work of WE WANT MOOR within the framework of a sponsorship.

More information on the WE WANT MOOR association and its moorland protection project:


Quality & innovation

Heller uses top-quality materials and manufactures using the latest computer-operated machines with highly motivated employees who often yield more than 30 years of experience, according to the highest quality standards. Certified according to ISO 9001, Heller today ranks among the most modern and most efficient drill bit manufacturers in the world. Equipped with a leading quality management team, this means outstanding safety and assurance for retail and trades.

The source of our success - top-quality products for the professional user

Our engineers strive constantly for improvement, innovation and expansion of Heller drilling tools. We are in constant contact with customers and end users, this provides us with valuable information with regard to product improvements and interesting suggestions for developing new products. Taking the lead through innovation. At Heller products are developed for professionals by professionals.

The guarantee of success - using qualified staff worldwide

Heller customers appreciate the unique care given by Heller's employees, whether in Germany, Europe or overseas. Heller not only provides high-quality drilling tools, but also personal care extending far beyond the actual sale of a drill bit. All this is done with the aim of making the customer as satisfied as possible.
It's about much more than drill bits. Heller staff can always be relied on to find a solution.


The Serafin Group

Heller Tools GmbH is part of Serafin Group, a diversified group of companies whose philosophy goes back to the 150-year entrepreneurial tradition of the shareholder family. Considering responsibility a tradition, Serafin combines entrepreneurial spirit with a strong set of values. Focusing on future generations, Serafin strongly believes that a partnership between employees, customers and suppliers is the basis for long-term successful business development.