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Heller: 170 years of tools for professionals - A strong foundation for a successful future

Dinklage. In the year 1849, in the middle of an era characterised by upheaval and turbulence, the tool world was also revolutionised by a certain Johann Georg Heller, and the effects of this revolution can still be felt today in day-to-day work on construction sites around the globe. One hundred seventy years ago, in March of 1849, the foundation was laid for the industrial production of a product that is used on a daily basis today by craftsmen from a wide variety of trades: Johann Georg Heller founded the Heller drill bit factory, continuing a family tradition that had already begun in the 16th century. Heller is therefore the oldest drill bit manufacturer in the world and can look back on a successful history spanning 170 years.

Since the founding of the company in the middle of the 19th century, Heller has proven its ability to innovate again and again and has become one of the leading providers of tool accessories. For example, in 1928, Heller became the first company in the world to manufacture tungsten carbide tipped drill bits and sell them on the market. In the 1980’s, Heller presented a solution for dust-free drilling, the Heller Air System. Today, the company profits from its expertise and has developed the Duster Expert, a premium extraction drill bit that meets the increasing requirements placed on health protection and efficiency at the construction site.

Heller’s core competency is the development and production of innovative drill bits that can be used in all popular machines and are designed especially for professional users. Heller has also continuously expanded its product portfolio to include products from other areas of manufacturing. Nowadays, the company also serves the sawing, fastening, cutting, and grinding manufacturing segments. Dr. Robert Untiedt, the Managing Director, explained the philosophy of the company by stating, “In the future, we will continue to emphasise innovative solutions in our core product range and will add products to specific and related product segments when they offer our customers clear benefits and further intensify cooperation with retailers.”

Heller is a reliable partner of specialised retailers and places great emphasis on customer service. Its primary focus, though, is on high-performance, high-quality tools, although providing related services is playing an increasingly greater role. In the recently established Heller Training Academy, the company offers retailers training courses in which they can get detailed information on all Heller products and experience them up close and in action. Individually configurable product display systems, pre-equipped modules, and attractive secondary placements with a high profit per unit of area help promote sales at the point of sale. Heller has been continuously expanding its range of services in digital media as well. In addition to classic content, the Heller website also provides exclusive offers such as the password-protected retailer area containing additional information or the online Product Finder, which offers the user recommendations on the best Heller tool for the corresponding application.

A solid financial foundation provides Heller with an excellent basis from which it can continue to expand its position as one of the leading providers of professional tool accessories. Since 2014, Heller has been a member of the Serafin industrial group in Munich, which has continuously and systematically invested in the company. “In addition to the product development, branding, sales, and IT infrastructure areas, we are also focusing in particular on a modern and efficient machine park,” explains Jörg Frommeyer, Managing Director. The long-term strategy allows Heller to realise a sustainable growth strategy and further develop the Heller brand – the best prerequisites for the oldest drill bit manufacturer in the world to open up the next chapter in its long, successful history.

Congratulations and best wishes for continued success!

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