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core cutter

Trouble-free through-hole drilling even in difficult areas.

Thanks to the special high-alloy steel, the Starbreaker SDS-max core drill bit features very good drilling performance. Precision work: even in deep drill holes, the Starbreaker leaves an exact hole geometry. The long, replaceable pilot bit also allows precise positioning in difficult corners.

Fast, reliable & durable

Highest drilling performance and long service life thanks to use of high-alloy special steel

Fast progress even in hard concrete

Precise hole geometry even in deep holes

Precise positioning with long, replaceable pilot bit even in difficult corners

Optimal for through-holes in masonry for pipe routing




natural stone

sand lime brick

hammer drilling

hst hardened

Hammer drilling in concrete, sand-lime brick, natural stone, brickwork, clinker.

The special technique of hardening by blasting makes for the perfect surface finish: the probability that a Heller hammer bit will break under very high loads is extremely low – even on impact with reinforcements. Ideal, especially with long dimensions: HST hardening guarantees high bending flexibility without breaking.

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