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Heller Tools Netiquette - Rules of conduct for our online channels

Open, respectful, fair and honest interaction is an essential element of our corporate culture. We have drawn up these rules to ensure that communication in social media also corresponds to this philosophy:

  • Act as you would in a face-to-face conversation
  • Be polite, respectful, constructive and objective
  • Use clear names, not pseudonyms
  • Respect the personal rights of your fellow human beings, the right to your own photo and data protection
  • We welcome stimulating, constructive contributions and look forward to interaction in connection with our products, services and our market with tips and suggestions, etc.
  • Topics from other areas and unrelated to us, theories and unproven allegations, suspicions, untruths, personal topics and company internals are not allowed on our pages. This is especially true if they are defamatory, insulting or damaging to our business
  • Our online channels have no place for political statements, campaigns and petitions
  • We stand for openness, respect, diversity and tolerance. We reject any form of discrimination or defamation of people or groups
  • We act on the basis of applicable law. This includes our duty to report certain serious cases to the authorities. In the case of criminal offences, we reserve the right to press charges
  • Links to other websites will be checked by us and removed if necessary
  • We reserve the right to remove posts in the event of violations and to exclude users from our channels in the event of serious or repeated violations. Subsequent blocking or removal is also possible
  • Comments that have been generated by machines (bots) or are part of a campaign can also be removed or their senders blocked. This also applies to so-called spam