Heller Today

Why Heller?

Heller is one of the most important and most famous manufacturers of drill bits in the world. We focus on providing top-class performance in all major fields – offering decisive advantages for the customer.

Products and product ranges:

All products are successful on the market because they solve user problems. Market requirements, which are subject to constant change, are our yardstick. Only eight of the ten most important products in our production range are new on the market in recent years.

The product range - expertise down to the last detail 

Our customers can choose from a highly-developed, wide range of products covering all major aspects of drilling. The selection includes special solutions for particularly demanding holes, such as armoured concrete, granite or glass as well as intelligent systems, which allow holes up to 3 metres deep to be drilled. Quality, product safety and ergonomic design. Heller offers a wide range of solutions for every hole.